Friday, September 1, 2017

Campaign Types

I've been thinking about Campaign Types a lot lately.

I've been running a Street Level Campaign for my group for a while now with more success than I usually have. I've run The Supergroup Campaign type before with varying degrees of success; but I've never run a Cosmic Level Campaign - mostly because, while I like The Silver Surfer - probably the only Cosmic Level character I've read unless you count Superman -  I've never been overly enamored with any of his story arcs.

Through years of playing, I'm lead to believe that simpler is better - but maybe it's just me ...

You see, as for Supes, the trick I've found for successfully running him or Judging him is to roll back the clock on the character when his powers weren't so astronomical. Not exactly an ideal situation, but manageable, and truly opens up his rogue's gallery quite a bit.

So what about you guys, oh Marvel Maniacs? Share some of your experiences with Campaign Types either here or on our Google+ page.